Pacific Spirits in Motion

sokazo_smart_hipposnagon_6Sokazo's Pacific Spirits in Motion

on an exclusive smart car

for the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Here’s the latest addition to the Sokazo family

of design objects!

Result of a wonderful collaboration with smart Canada (Mercedes Benz) and the Vancouver Fringe Festival, this baby is already making heads spin…

Let me introduce you to U.F.Ool, Snearthquake and Hipposnagon: the three protective Spirits of the West Coast in a peaceful ballet on this exclusive piece of smART.


is the Master of the Pacific Ocean and can make huge waves just for fun. He takes care of his people, fishes and other creatures. Very peaceful, he can turn into a complete fury just to show us how unique and powerful he really is.


's body is lost in every pound of ground. Sometimes he moves when we don't respect him. Watch out! It could be very dangerous for our homes... Fortunately for us, he loves the human kind and has been asleep for years to protect us.


has frequent mood swings. Sometimes happy then quickly sad, formidable when he is angry and creates tornados or downpours. Friend of sailors, some people have seen him at sunset and ever since called him: Unidentified Flying Objects; but we know who he is...

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